About us

Gepoil, Sociedade Gestora de Postos de Abastecimento de Combustíveis, SA, was founded in February 1998, being its core business the resale and distribution of fuels and the management of petrol stations (Beq, BP, Galp and Prio).

We have a vast network of petrol stations (public sale), as well as industrial facilities (reservoirs for own consumption), creating indispensable tools for the modern and competitive management of the current market. Among our clients are prestigious companies, who honor us with their preference and esteem, to whom we offer high quality products, an efficient support service and a personalized accompaniment.

Gepoil's mission is to satisfy customers' expectations regarding the products and services provided, the constant search for continuous improvement and compliance with all requirements arising from the application of regulatory standards applicable to the fuel sector.

We aim to be recognized as a company that creates economic value across the entire fuel industry, through the innovation and excellence of the additional services we provide.

The values ​​and principles of Gepoil are based on the following premises:

  • People as the center of our success - we invest permanently in the development of our employees' skills and competences
  • Ethics and Transparency - we are committed to creating value through transparent, ethical and trustful relationships with all stakeholders in the business
  • Innovation - is in our DNA, proving itself by the constant search for sustainable solutions in the business where we are inserted
  • Safety - is our continuing concern, taking all measures to prevent accidents, as well as damage to the environment and people

Gepoil intends to boost the prestige achieved, and therefore, it affirms itself as a "living force".